Our History

Our college of education emerged from the vision and mission of producing high quality teachers in the field education. It is an extension of ASSEFA education programme. It was started in 2009 with 100 students of first batch. So far we had 6 batches of Students with the Help of best Teachers with Gandhian values such as non-violence and passion to serve the poor peoples. We have 47 students in this current academic year 2015-2016. Our institution has been recognized by NCTE, Bangalore (NO.FSRO/NCTE/B.Ed/2008/6011 dated 10.10.2008) as well as TNTEU of Government of Tamilnadu (NO:TNTEU/R/Affin/B.Ed/N2009-2010/464 dated 12.08.2009). Recently we got revised recognition order from NCTE, Bangalore (FSRO/NCTE/APSO9013/B.Ed/TN/2014-15/63995 dated 05.05.2015) as well as TNTEU from continuation provisional affiliation order (TNTEU/R/Affin./Syn-Aug2015-Item No27.16/2015/175 Dated on 08.02.2016).

We adopt all principles of Mahatma Gandhi as the aim of our institution such as self supporting, cultural enhancement, character building, cultivation of higher values of life and all round personality development. According to him the ultimate aim of education is tantamount of self realization, which he meant the education of hand, heart and head. We regularly follow all these principles.

Our Management

We are inspired, encouraged and guided by our management, who are dedicated themselves to noble services to rural peoples with wisdom and vision from Gandhian philosophy. Our chairman Shri.S.Loganathan is a true disciple of Gandhi and Vinobhave. He dedicated his whole life for ASSEFA. He is also a creative writer and editor of Salaram a tamil monthly from Sarvodaya Action Research Centre Madurai. Our correspondent M.Vasantha, M.A.,M.Ed is also a Gandhian activist, educationist and a vibrant personality. She plans, guides and monitors all educational programmes of ASSEFA including both schools and the college. We are lucky and proud to have such a visionary management