ASSEFA stands for Association for Sarva Seva Farms This Gandhian organization seeded by Poojya Vinoba Bhava, the father of Bhoodan movement in 1968. ASSEFA serves the poor people of rural India for the last forty years with an array socio-economical welfare programmes. Over 8, 50,000 rural families living arouse eight states of India are now harvesting the fruits of their novel programmes. They cover the fields like agriculture, rural industries dairy farms rural health and education. Rural education is one of the vital programmes of ASSEA. It aimed to give quality education to the rural children for the last five decades. Today ASSEFA operates 180 primary, middle higher and higher secondary as well as matriculation schools. Together with industrial training institutes (ITI), Teacher Training Institute in Maduranthagam (Tk). ASSEFA College of Education, Silarpatti, Peraiyur (Tk), Madurai (Dt) is a germ of rural education initiatives of ASSEFA.